Lord of bulls glimore girl

D.O.B 14-01-2012

Hi, I'm Nina,
I came to live here when I was 3 years old.
I used to live with Josje and Peer, but they retired and bought a beautiful boat.
They often go sailing but I don't like to be on the water.
I am happier to play and run around the garden, and I want grass…I like to get muddy!
When my new owners came to visit, they invited me to live at From Bulls Heaven….Thank God!
I miss my old owners, but luckily, I will see them when they visit us.
Everything worked out well, because I love my new owners just as much.
My new lady owner is the love of my life and I go everywhere she goes.

I love watching movies with her because here they have a big bed in the living room!
A bed for the doggies, can you believe that? We all cuddle together on the big bed every evening.
Maddy and Lotje are my best friends and Lilo is my sweet little girlfriend who I love so much.
Yeah! I love it here!
Thank you Josje and Peer, you are the best!


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