DreamCather From Bulls Heaven

In Loving Memoriam D.O.B 01-09-2006 - R.I.P 21-03-2009

We will always love you little girl... xxx
This was Milou's page...

I am Milou, the princess in our house. I like pink girly things, my favorite hobby is dressing up as one and I like having a beauty treatment! Facial crèmes, parfumes, oh, and I even love taking a long bath. You can wake me up at night for that!
Fact is, I'm no "real" Bulldog; I always make sure I look good, will never dig holes or roll around in the grass. Imagine my paws getting dirty, ARGH!

I occasionally act up against the other Bulldogs in the house, I am the youngest of the pack and they all treat me like I still am a baby.
When I try to give them a hard time, they all just laugh at me…

Wy full pedigree name is DreamCatcher From Bulls Heaven. My Mother is Angel, the first Bulldog my Lady owned and it was always her dream to have a daughter from Angel. Now you see why they named me DreamCatcher.

My biggest hobby's are playing with my Mother Angel and my Big Love Falco.
Going for a walk I like and not to forget, have a nice meal!
I enjoy to cuddle and kiss with my brother Tyson and I regularly argue with my other brother Spikey. I love him, but not all the time.
I am mad about my Lady and get to go to sleep in the bed with her, just like my Mother, I love it!

Seabright Silver Silence Multi Ch.
Wyecaple Good To Go
Lynmans Living Legend
Hyten Miss Hollywood
Be Clever van het Slaghek Multi Ch.
Slaghek Night and Day
Fleur v.h. Slaghek
The Hopi's Angel Face Ch.
Standing Ovation From Energy Bulls
Charming Charlie Chalk
Lilac From The Bulls Compagnie The Hopi's President
Chesterfields Maire Ni Bhraonain





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