Don't Forget Me From Bulls Heaven

D.O.B 01-09-2010

Hi, my name is Maloe,
I am the Jumping Jack here at From Bulls Heaven and have wrapped my Lady all around my finger, eh….paw!
With my lovely puppy eyes look and some little kisses I get everything done and She forgives me anything, my business is taken care of, hihihi!
A new Queen is born!

Deep down I am a very nice girl, although my inobedient part!
I really am my Lady's Best Friend Forever and actually She likes my obnoxious behaviour.
My favourite hobby is taking walks and swimming, I could spend whole days in the forest.
At the place where we always take walks, a little creek runs along the hiking path so that way I have two of my favourites past times combined in one!
I am so clever that, by the time we need to go home, I jump into the deeper part of the creek so my Lady can't reach to put my leash on! Hahahahaha, that way I give myself an extra 5 minutes of swimming!

Although I am very inobedient, I am very, very nice to other dogs.
I will never growl at another dog because I am way to submissive.
Whenever another dog growls at me, I will lay down directly and start hoping he will stop growling. Then I will quickly start giving kisses, hoping the other dog will like me. That's exactly why all the Bulldogs like me so much!

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1 Exellent Youth Class Dhr. P. Krol (PL)

2 Very Good Youth Class Mrs. M van Brempt




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