Happy Life of Little Pearls Madonna

D.O.B 14-07-2010

Hello I am Maddy

I am the most sweetest French Bulldog girl here at "From Bulls Heaven".
Always kind, happy and cute. During the day what I like most is to play or take a walk in the woods.
When it gets dark my favourite spot is on my Ladies lap and when possible all evening.

I came to live here when I was already a bit older. My first home was with my dear dog parents Josje and Peer but due to circumstances I was allowed to live here at "From Bull Heaven" and my goodness do I like It here!! It is so cozy.
I am a Bulldog that can enjoy just anything but the most important are my kids.
Mylo is from my first litter and he lives here as well. It does not matter how busy I am, Mylo is still being taken care off by me. Even though I am very busy with the new born puppies however, when finished with taking care of them my first next priority is to take care of Mylo. I give him a nice cleaning and a mountain of love.
I am his mum and will always be his mum. I cannot spend a day without him even though he is bigger than I am. I hope you enjoy reading my life story so far …
Lots of hugs from Maddy.

Josje and Peer, thank you very much for this terrible sweet girl.
We are very happy with her!


A'vigdors Colonell Honorable D'or

Multi Ch.
Daulokke's Fenneton Le Duc
Daulokke's Aristobeau Du Tex
Grand Chef Texas-Tex
Multi Ch.
Daulokke's Nordique Haut-Couture
Daulokke's Regine Deforge Daulokke's Roquefort
Daulokke's De'Ja-Vu
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A'vigdors Bentley
Confucius De La Parure
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Zenith De La Parure
Zina De La Parure
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Unesco Des Fosses De Saule
Peti Llevr Tata
Happy Life of Little Pearls Ametiszt Ch.
Ildivo Charmante Perle
Bertrand de Gord iz Palevyh Buldogov
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Glenlee Night Hawk
Peti Llevr Alenkiy Tsvetochek
Multi Ch.
Greta-Garbo Du Champagne
Belboulecan Du Champagne Mondo
Gabriella Sabatini Du Champagne
Alcsiligeti Kamilla Ch.
Lacoste vom Isern Hinnerk
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Leiboll's Olfert
Doux Fille Vom Isern Hinnerk
Alcsiligeti Fanny Elvis-dario Von Der Akazienallee
Ottis Von Sternhof



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