Kalotte of the Bumble Barns

D.O.B 03-05-2011

Hello I am Lotje

I am the French Queen here at the Residence "From Bulls Heaven".
I am the very first French Bulldog girl ever that came to live here.

I started off the big love of my Lady for this dog breed but then again I am extra sweet and also extra special because I am my Ladies' best Friend.
I even am allowed to sleep in my Ladies' bed. Everywhere my Lady goes I go!
My Lady cannot do without me and as a result she drags me with her anywhere she goes. We are let's say 2 hands and 4 paws on one belly.
Nobody is so important for me as my lady. "Fat" love between us… So I only have 1 main hobby and that is spending time together with my Lady.
Walking …. Fine… laying on the couch.. fine as long as we are together and oh yeah should

I feel like playing then there is Maloe, an English Bulldog but I can handle her.
She is my best dog friend. In addition, I took the responsibility to teach the puppies manners and I must say so far I am doing a good job.
I raise all of them as sweet and correct as possible although they are not my own kids. They call me Lotje "mum of the whole gang"


Capitan Hood D'Elba De Lope

Multi Ch.
Ushuaia Du Terroir Fontfroide
Multi Ch.
Salvatore Ferragamo
du Terroir Fontfroide
Dino Baggio v.d.Mestreechteneerkes
First Lady Della Picadette
Dolce Vita
Beppie v.d.Mestreechteneerkes
Briseis Du Terroir Fontfroide Multi Ch.
Tis v.d.Mestreechteneerkens
Servee v.d.Mestreechteneerkes
Jeske v.d.Mestreechteneerkes
Vedette Du Terroir Fontfroide Nem Dell'Oldoinyo Lengai
Theodora Du Terroir De Fontfroide
Isidora van Marver's Fortuna Ch.
Bulldogi Iz Ozerkov Duran-Duran
Multi Ch.
Exquisite De La Parure
Multi Ch.
Texas Boy v. Fivelzight
Cacharel De La Parure
Fripon Rus
Multi Ch.
Vladamir Vase
Peti Llevr Vidi Vici
Fiona van Marver's Fortuna Ch.
Kadin's Urkan van Sans Pareil
Unic De La Parure
Joli Kadin v. Sans Pareil
Multi Ch.
Bonnie v.d. Mestreechteneerke
Hanahaus Bronzed Ossie
Naomi van Hartogs Vreugd


1 VP + Best Baby and
3 Best Baby in Show!!!
Baby Class Mrs. H. Denis (FR)
Exellent Youth Class Mw. I. Hectors (B)




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