present liselotte of the Bumble Barns

D.O.B 02-08-2016

Hello my name is Liselotte but they call me Lisa.

My human Mommy has a best friend 'Lotje' (Kalotte of the Bumble Barns).
Lotje was the first French Bulldog that came to live here at From Bulls Heaven. Lotje is very special to my human Mommy.
Five years after Lotje came into her life, Mommy heard that Lotjes' Mom and Dad had a new litter of cute babies, and there I was! I am full sister of Lotje - My human Mommy is so happy!

My Pedigree name is 'Present'.....Why?
Because I was a present!
Sabine and Jan are the best friends of my human parents and they gave me as a present.
My human parents say that I am the best present they every had. I think so too because I am so in love with my human Mommy.
She is so sweet and I want to be with her all day, just like my big sister Lotje.

We want to thank Sabina and Jan again, we love you !

And of course Monique Joos, thank you for taking such good care of us!
And thank you for giving us the possibility to have a other Bumble Barns girl in our home.


Capitan Hood D'Elba De Lope

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Theodora Du Terroir De Fontfroide
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Bonnie v.d. Mestreechteneerke
Hanahaus Bronzed Ossie
Naomi van Hartogs Vreugd




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