Jollie vd Mestreechteneerkes

D.O.B 26-06-2011

Hello I am Lilo!
I am the second girl of the French Bulldogs who lives here at the home of "From Bulls Heaven". My Lady fell in love so much with Lotje that she decided to adopt another French Bulldog girl and guess what… it is me!
Good for me because I am so happy to be here.

Lotje and Maloe are my best 2 friends, I have so much fun with them and when I am tired I cuddle up to my Lady.
I am privileged because I too together with Lotje are allowed to sleep in my Ladies bed and I can tell you I enjoy that a lot!

I do not like to go out for walks, no it is not my thing. I rather stay at home in my comfy zone and besides our garden is big enough if I really feel like running so what is my business out on the street?

Anyway, my main task in the house is laying on the couch and spread love and that is exactly what I do! I am from the famous kennel vd Mestreechteneerkes and my Lady is very thankful to Jack Meertens that she was allowed to adopt me and of course I am very happy as well because I feel really at home here.

Thank you very much Jack Meertens for this beautiful, lovely and cute girl.


Black Jack De Sinerkan

Fernaoke vd. Mestreechteneerkes
Belboulecan du Champagne Mondo
Affabulls King Of Diamonds
Belboulecan Dominion Viola
Zjulet vd. Mestreechteneerkes Ch.
Pierrot v.d. Zwaantjeshoeve
Naomi van Hartogs Vreugd
Gisella v. Marvers fortuna Ch.
Armani Enzo van moezels oever
Kadin's Urkan v. Sans Pareil
Daphne Britt van Marver's Fortuna
Evita v. Marvers fortuna Don Carlos van Marver's Fortuna
Laura van Marver's Fortuna
Maria vd. Mestreechteneerkes Ch.
Sjarel vd. Mestreechteneerkes
Hoebeer vd. Mestreechteneerkes Nikkela vd. Mestreechteneerkes
Truus vd. Mestreechteneerkes
Jeske vd. Mestreechteneerkes Igor van Hartogs vreugd
Beppie vd. Mestreechteneerkes
Merie vd. Mestreechteneerkes
Achille vd. Zuylenstede
Kadin's Urkan v. Sans Pareil
Blossom Bloom v.d. Zuylenstede
Jeske vd. Mestreechteneerkes Igor van Hartogs vreugd
Beppie vd. Mestreechteneerkes




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