Conçu par Sky de la Maison des Anges

D.O.B 05-12-2016

Hello I'm Leah!

I was born at 'De La Maison des Anges' with Josje and Peer.
When I was 8 weeks old I came to live at 'From Bulls Heaven'.
My Daddy 'Sky' (Jingle Bell From Bulls Heaven) also belongs with the 'From Bulls Heaven' family.
In fact, almost all of my whole family lives here at' From Bulls Heaven'....
Lotje and Nina are my Grandmothers, Malia and Ginger are my Aunts and Lisa, my best friend, is the sister of my Grandmother Lotje. One big happy family!

I'm a very sweet girl and I look a lot like my Grandmother, Lotje.
I love to cuddle and I like to sleep in weird positions on our sofa next to my human parents.
Best of all, I like to play a lot with my best friend Lisa. We like to play in the big garden!
Digging holes and helping our human Daddy to cut down the plants in our garden.
Yes I like it very much here!

We want to thank Josje and Peer again for this beautiful girl! She really fits in our pack!


Jingle Bell From Bulls Heaven

Tey vd. Mestreechteneerkes
Multi Ch.
Ben Affleck Du Terroir De Frontfroide
Multi Ch.
Tis vd. Mestreechteneerkes
Vedette Du Terroir de Fontfroide
Fien vd. Mestreechteneerkes Zacheos de La Parure
JW '02 W'03
Gonneke vd. Mestreechteneerkes
Kalotte of the Bumble Barns Capitan Hood D'Elba De Lope Multi Ch.
Ushuaia Du Terroir Fontfroide
Briseis Du Terroir Fontfroide
Isidora van Marver's Fortuna Ch.
Bulldogi Iz Ozerkov Duran-Duran
Fiona van Marver's Fortuna
Gracieuse De La Maison des Anges Diplomat Didier O'Ovilava Multi Ch.
A'Vigdors Demon de Beauti
Multi Ch.
Flaubert de la Parure
A'Vigdors Agiotage
A'Vigdors Amourette
Multi Ch.
Exquisite de la Parure
Multi Ch.
A'Vigdors Tortilla
Lord of bulls glimore girl A'Vigdors Monsieur George Duroy Ch.
Zon Mirekl Kassius Klay
A'Vigdors Toute-Puissance
Elizabet Janoel Multi Ch.
Red blooded Marcus
Italy Ivanhoe Janoel




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