Fabulous van het Slaghek

In Loving Memoriam D.O.B 16-05-2006 - R.I.P 19-01-2016

Our big boy... our big taddy bear... love you forever...
This was Falco's page...

My name is Falco, the man around the house.
At least, that's what I like to think, 'cause actually I don't have anything to say between all these girls here.
I hope that together with my new friend Mylo, the Men will regain some influence in this house!
What am I complaining about, I really like it here!

My biggest loves are the French Girls, every evening we cuddle together on the couch.
Especially Lotje, She's my all-time favourite!
Maloe is my English Bulldog girlfriend, with whom I can really play rough and tough with.

Playing is one of my favourite hobbies but laying back lazy is also high on my list!
Taking a walk is one of those things which I do not like that much because that way I can not see what is happening at my house:
I do have to make sure that my pack and girls are safe!
A quick bathroom visit outside and right back inside again, to see what's happening, suits me fine.
I really don't mind not going for long walks, there's a big garden here in which I can spent all my energy whenever I want, I could chase a ball all day!
Yes, It's quit a job, isn't it!

Medbull Earth Mover
Medbull Gold Dust Over Kelloe
Kelloe Angel Dust
Bullycraft Ikes Girl at Medbull
Medbull Barbie Girl
Balfour Action Man of Laroyal
Hiising Lucki Lulu At Medbull
Celia Van het Slaghek Acapulco of the Tivoli Bulls Ch.
Lucs Amigo of the Tivoli Bulls
Bits and Pieces of the Tivoli Bulls
Hendrika Gertruda v.h. Maasjesfles Ch.
Eros v.h. Slaghek
Colette v.h. Slaghek




Maastricht (NL)

1 VP + Best Baby Baby Class Dhr. B. Bosch (NL)

Genk, (BE)

3 VP Puppy Class Mr. Matakovic Bojan (Kroatie)

Wieze, (BE)

3 Excellent Youth Class Dhr. B. Taylor (UK)

Leiden (NL)

3 VG Youth Class Dhr. B. Bosch (NL)

Echt (NL)

VG Youth Class Dhr. P.W.J.M. van Montfort (NL)

Venray (NL)

First round: First place
Second round : First place
Third round: fourth place

Junior dog day  


3 ZG Intermediaite Mrs. Maureen Mortham (GB)

Maastricht (NL)

4 ZG Intermediaite Mrs. G. Biddle-Edwards (UK)

Genk, (BE)

3 Excellent

Intermediaite Dhr. B. Spoljaric (AU)




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