Handle with care from bulls heaven

D.O.B 22-03-2017

Hello my name is Abby!
But only when I’m a good girl, when I’m not so sweet they call me Abigail.

But I try very hard to only hear Abby! Because I’m a very sweet and sensitive girl.
I hate it when my human mommy talks hard to me. I really live up to my pedigree name ‘Handle With Care’

I really enjoy my life! I love spending my time outside, with my little nose in the fresh air.
Also I love to play with Lisa my 'second mom'. My real mom is Nina but she just thinks ‘whatever ‘
Nina was the best mom ever but when we were 6 weeks old she thought that Lisa could take over the job of raising us.
But I don’t care....Lisa did a great job! Because I’m a sweet, lovely and adorable girl.
I was not the best looking girl of the litter, but character is also very important and obviously I had the best click with the pack and my human mommy. I just threw all of my charms into the contest and I won!
I really belong hereā€¦.



Jingle Bell From Bulls Heaven

Tey vd. Mestreechteneerkes
Multi Ch.
Ben Affleck Du Terroir De Frontfroide
Multi Ch.
Tis vd. Mestreechteneerkes
Vedette Du Terroir de Fontfroide
Fien vd. Mestreechteneerkes Zacheos de La Parure
JW '02 W'03
Gonneke vd. Mestreechteneerkes
Kalotte of the Bumble Barns Capitan Hood D'Elba De Lope Multi Ch.
Ushuaia Du Terroir Fontfroide
Briseis Du Terroir Fontfroide
Isidora van Marver's Fortuna Ch.
Bulldogi Iz Ozerkov Duran-Duran
Fiona van Marver's Fortuna
Lord of Bulls Glimore Girl A'Vigdors Monsieur George Duroy Ch.
Zon Mirekl Kassius Klay
Racadi Sea Rex
Zon Mirekl Sorbonna
A'Vigdors Toute-Puissance
Dali De La Parure
Esterelle De La Parure
Elizabet Janoel Multi Ch.
Red blooded Marcus
Elvis-Dario Von Der Akazienallee
Red Blooded Jenifer
Italy Ivanhoe Janoel Ch.
Kolja Z Kolomazne Pece
Pat Suvuren




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