Me To You From Bulls Heaven

D.O.B 15-05-2012

Dna tested free of patella, heart, back and breathing problems

Hello I'm Mylo!
I'm was born at From Bulls Heaven.
My Mommy is Maddy and I'm the first boy that has been born here.
They all fell in love with me the first moment they saw me, because I'm really a very handsome boy, just the type they love and everything wanted to see in a French bulldog.
A miracle boy they called me, the pride of the kennel.
I live with Eva and Tommy and also with my full sister Boo.
Also I have a special little girlfriend called Isabel.
Isabel is the human child here and I love her so much!
Also my human Mommy, Eva has child daycare so I can play with a lot of toddlers.
That is one of my biggest hobbies!
Tommy is my best friend! I can do man stuff with him.
Here I can play a lot with sister Boo , but I also get to cuddle and sleep when I feel that way too.  I really love it here!
As you can see, all my hobbies and wishes are fulfilled and I have staff for everything I need.
Every once in a while Nathalie comes by and then  I know what time it is!
Its time to become a daddy again!
Which cool boy does not want that! My life is complete! 

Black Jack De Sinerkan Ch.
Fernaoke vd. Mestreechteneerkes
Belboulecan du Champagne Mondo
Affabulls King of Diamonds
Belboulecan Dominion Viola
Zjulet vd. Mestreechteneerkes Ch.
Pierrot v.d. Zwaantjeshoeve
Naomi van Hartogs Vreugd
Gisella v. Marvers fortuna Multi Ch.
Armani Enzo van moezels oever
Kadin's Urkan van Sans Pareil
Multi Ch.
Daphne Britt van Marvers Fortuna
Evita v. Marvers fortuna Don Carlos van Marvers Fortuna
Laura van Marvers Fortuna
Happy Life of Little Pearls Madonna Ch.
A'vigdors Colonell Honorable D'or
Multi Ch.
Daulokke's Fenneton Le Duc
Daulokke's Aristobeau Du Tex
Daulokke's Regine Deforge
Multi Ch.
A'vigdors Bentley
Confucius De La Parure
Multi Ch.
A'Vigdors Troya
Happy Life of Little Pearls Ametiszt Ch.
Ildivo Charmante Perle
Multi Ch.
Bertrand De La Gord iz Palevyh
Greta-Garbo Du Champagne
Alcsiligeti Kamilla Ch.
Lactose Vom Isern Hinnerk
Alcsiligeti Fanny


4 Excellent Youth Class Dhr. V.P. Kumpumaki
1 Very Good Youth Class Dhr. P. Buysse






Born 20-05-2017
Me To You From Bulls Heaven X Copyright From Bulls Heaven
1 girl
Kennel: Bred by us


Born 06-03-2016
Me To You From Bulls Heaven X Copyright From Bulls Heaven
3 boys
Kennel: Bred by us


Born 09-03-2015
Me To You From Bulls Heaven X Copyright From Bulls Heaven
3 boys an 2 girls
Kennel: Bred by us



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