All our pups are sold by contract with warranty, a pedigree and chip provided by the FCI, DNA Certificate, declaration of health from the veterinarian, European Pet Passport, puppy vaccination and thoroughly wormed.
Ofcourse you'll also receive a special puppy starter kit, which contains enough food to last for the first week.

We only breed with healthy breeding dogs. They are carefully selected upon health, character and beauty.
Our breeding dogs all undergo a precise examination from the veterinarian, they all are tested to make sure that they have no inheritable anomalies that are breed specific.
We do our utter best to improve our beloved breed by combining the best possible breeding dogs.

We breed according to the regulations of the Dutch Kennel Club ( Raad van Beheer).
This is the only certified authority which provides pedigrees in the Netherlands.

We have built a separate nursing room especially for our Moms and their pups so they can play with each other and rest without the intervention of the other dogs.
To make sure they're always nice and comfortable, the room can be heated up to 28 degrees Celsius. It also features a doorway to our garden, allowing the pups to freely roam into and discover the outside world.
When the pups get to the point where they can walk and run, they are allowed into the living room where the can interact and play with the rest of the Bulldogs. That way our pups are fully socialized and accustomed to all things that happen in a normal household. Also they are being "potty" trained at this point.
And the utter most important: LOVE!
When the pups are not eating, playing or sleeping, they're being cuddled and loved by us!

We always keep the new puppy owners informed, from the moment the siring took place until the day the pup leaves its nest to its new family and home.
Every week we will send you an update how the pups are doing along with a beautiful studio picture of your pup.
A DVD with all pictures is given to the pup's new family.

Three weeks after birth, the new puppy owners are allowed to come and admire the pups. The Mom and her pups need rest, time to get familiar with each other and she needs to produce milk. Too much stress or positive excitement can easily result in a total halt of milk production. The first three weeks the pups are very sensitive to viral and bacterial diseases and they need all the natural resistance they can get from the milk as well. Now you know why we keep them separate for the first three weeks but we will take a lot of pictures and movies to let you enjoy them, you will not miss a single thing!

If you are interested in one of our pups, you can take a look at our upcoming litters on the website.
Contact us via email and provide as much details as possible concerning your choice: From which combination you would like a pup, your desired gender or even your desired colour. Make sure to state your address and phonenumber.
A confirmation that your mail has been received is always sent by us, sometimes we have some issues with the mailbox and the emails get lost, if so, please mail us again.
You can register for our waiting list without any obligations.

Only on the moment you come to see the pups and you are sure you want one of our pups, the reservation becomes permanent.
Naturally you are welcome to visit our kennel before the pups are born. That way, you can get to know our Bulldogs, see how they live and ofcourse it's nice to ask us all the questions you want. Furthermore there has to be some kind of "click" between us. You have to have faith in us, because you might need us at a certain point in the future! You have to be able to count on us for help with all your problems, whether it is about raising your pup or health related questions.
We will always be there for you, not only the first couple of weeks, but our whole lives!
Furthermore we would like to keep in contact with the families of our pups and hear how they are doing.
We hope to receive a picture every now and then to see our boys and girls grow up!

What we expect from you?

Firstly a nice and stabile environment.
Attention and love for your pup.
Attention concerning nutrition and exercise which keeps your dog in good shape and is fun for the both of you!
Never forget that nutrition is the most important for your dog!
Think before you buy one of our pups and realise that a dog will live for 10 to 12 years.
It is a living being, who solemnly depends on you and your care!

If you have any more questions or want to visit us, feel free to give us a call or send us a mail!
Look under contact for all the information.




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