Hello, welcome to our website! Let us introduce ourselves.
We are Nathalie and Rene, the proud owners of the French Bulldog Kennel "From Bulls Heaven". Why "From Bulls Heaven" you may ask, because we are of the opinion that our dogs are a gift from Heaven.
They are our buddies, our greatest loves and we share everything with them.

Let me (Nathalie) tell you how our love for this amazing breed started off.
When Rene and I met, Rene already had a dog, a Doberman called Ferro.
Then came the day we had to say goodbye to our buddy at a remarkable age of 12 years.
Now what? We could not imagine our lives without a dog.
Should we go for another Doberman? At that time I was already 100% positive!
My heart went out to bulldogs, but then in a smaller format than a Doberman.
Decision was quickly made, an English Bulldog!.
So it happened that my big love Angel stepped into our lives.
After a while and with having a lot of contact with other breeders, we decided to have a litter of our own.
Oh my God I loved to have a girl from my Princess Angel.
After a lot of research, spending time with other breeders, we finally registered the name of our Kennel.

It was a must for me to get everything right so my first step was to follow an education for veterinarian Assistant which I followed up by a 5-year education to become a nutritionist .
If I set my mind to something I do my utmost to get it done!
The initial plan was to have only 1 litter but also then you need to be well prepared and not jump into the deep.
My bulls, puppies and new puppies deserve the best care!.
As the first litter worked out beautifully and mum Angel enjoyed it so much to have puppies that we did not stick to 1 litter only. Bulls are such loving mothers that together with us they enjoy every step of their offspring.
So that is how our Kennel started.
T ime passed by and my second choice bull , namely the French Bulldog stayed in my mind and heart.
Would it not be lovely to have another little cuddling girl?
Years later we decided to take also a French girl into our home and as we already had experience with breeding, health issues and figuring out breeding blood lines it took us 2 years to hold our first French bull girl "Lotje" in our arms.
Everything went in a quick pace then. Before I knew it, there were 7 of these little monsters running around in our house.
To reinforce our Kennel, I even went to Spain to pick up a little French male bull.
Then came the moment we had to make choices.
Our English Bulldog Guusje had her last litter…. What to do now?
Are we going to keep Guusje's daughter or are we really going for our French bulldog?
After long thoughts, but I have to admit secretly, that my heart went out more to the French Bulldogs than the English.
English bulls are wonderful but if you have 10 dogs in total running around in the house, the English Bulldogs can be less charming.
They are very stubborn. (Everybody who has English bulldogs are now knotting and laughing and know exactly what I am talking about).
So after 10 year breeding English bulldogs we decided to stop.
We had 10 years with great results. Beautiful, good and healthy English bulldogs.
We hope to continue on the same level with our French bulldogs.
Of course our English Bulldogs are still living with us, I even prepared a retirement page for them. Even though they will not have any puppies anymore they will stay members of the family.

On the site you can see that some Bulls have co-owners. These Bulls live with our friends.
We made this decision on purpose because we are of the opinion that every Bull deserves to receive all the attention and love they need.
With too many bulls in the house it makes it impossible for us to keep up these standards!
At the moment that the girls are expecting a litter, they stay with us for 2 months to raise their puppies.
We made this decision because a French Bulldog girl has 2 or 3 litters and then retires but still lives with us. If we did not make this choice, that would mean that we would not have any puppies anymore as all the girl bulls living in our house are already retired.

And that is how it all started …

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call or e-mail us. You are always welcome to visit our Kennel. Just give us a call to plan an appointment so we can reserve enough time for you to get acquainted with this amazing breed!

Mgr. Hanssenlaan 9
6433BJ Hoensbroek (Limburg)
Tel: 0031 (0) 455708867
E-mail: nathalievandoorn@icloud.com


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