Rozeldogue lethal weapon

D.O.B 24-03-2015
Co-owner: Josje van Engelen-Konings (De La Maison Des Anges)

Dna tested free of patella, heart, back and breathing problems

Hi I'm Rio

I was born in England. When I was a puppy I came to Holland with my sister to start a show career.
But it became obvious that I am not a show boy.

I am very beautiful, but I'm so shy and submissive. You need to be confident if you want a show career.
So when I was 6 months old, the phone rang at my owners house.
My new lady owner was so happy when she heard about me! She wanted a sweet boy because she has a lot of bulldogs and winning shows is not that important. She needed a boy who could live in a pack.

I have a very good pedigree, I'm beautiful and I am so sweet...
My new lady owner jumped in the car and drove immediately to me, and I can tell you, it was love at first sight...
And that's how I came here at From Bulls Heaven! I love it here!
The girls loved me as soon as I walked through the door.
I stole everybody's heart. I even get to sleep in the big bed upstairs.

They also have puppies here! I love puppies.They are so sweet and adorable.
Josje and Peer are my co-owners, but I like to call them aunt and uncle.
When I see them they cuddle me and they spoil me a lot!
I also want to thank Pieter and Jannie van Mourik for everything and of course my breeder Ben Dunning for letting me stay here! Thank you so much!


Rozeldogue Frankie

Qazara Monsieur Harrods
Multi Ch.
Crazy Feelings Hades
Vicking Du Faicre De Montparnasse
Kathie von Glandorf
Harmony De Elka Gyvybes Zyme At Qazaha
Fabulous De La Parure
Multi Ch.
Butterfly De Elka Gyvybes Zyme
Rozeldogue Miss India Multi Ch.
Friend de La Parure of Kingfriend
Confucius De La Parure
Luce Dei Mieiocchi Dell'akiris
A'Vigdors Dame D'Honneur Ch.
A'Vigdors Brabus
Creation De La Parure
Fleur De Lys Du Terroir de Frontfroide Ch.
Hosea De La Parure
Multi Ch.
Fantasme De La Parure
Confucius De La Parure
Delilah Dell'akiris
Wynona v Fivelzight Multi Ch.
Texas Boy v Fivelzight
Antoinette De La Parure
A'Vigdors Arietta
Dali De La Parure
Confucius De La Parure
Luce Dei Mieiocchi Dell'akiris
Multi Ch.
A'Vigdors Bellissima
Multi Ch.
Exquisite De La Parure
Multi Ch.
A'Vigdors Fira Firuzi Fiori


1 Very Good Intermediate class Dhr. B. Rajic
1 Excellent Intermediate class Dhr. J.F Vanaken







Born 14-01-2018
Rozeldogue Lethal Weapon X Okkina's Shadow From Bulls Heaven
2 boys and 4 girls
Kennel: De La Maison Des Anges



Born 28-08-2017
Rozeldogue Lethal Weapon X Big Deal From Bulls Heaven
1 boy and 2 girls
Kennel: Bred By us




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