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D.O.B 26-02-2016

Hello my name is Malia

I was born here at 'From Bulls Heaven' and my mommy is Nina.
I love to stay here and live with my mommy, which dog would not be jealous of me?
My Mommy Nina is the best mom in the whole world! I love her so much…
She is my biggest love.

My hobby is to cuddle all day long. I love to cuddle with any dog here at the house.
All the dogs in the house love to cuddle too, so I can choose every day which one is going to be my cuddle buddy next.

I am a very shy girl, and I always check from a distance what's going on.
I let my mommy Nina check if everything is safe or fun, and when she lets me see it's all right, I go for it.
I am also a little princess.. I never want to get dirty.. and I love to shower!
I'm the cute one here at From Bulls Heaven.




Mon Copain De La Maison Des Anges

Diplomat Didier D'Ovilava Ch.
A'vigdors Demon De Beauty
Multi Ch.
Flaubert De La Parure
A'Vigdors Agiotage
A'Vigdors Amourette
Multi Ch.
Exquisite De La Parure
A'Vigdors Tortilla
Okkina Von New Glandorf Ch.
Quper von Glandorf
Benton von Glandorf
Opera von Glandorf
Happy von Glandorf
Daulokke's Zumo Le Baron
Gina von Glandorf
Lord of Bulls Glimore Girl A'Vigdors Monsieur George Duroy Ch.
Zon Mirekl Kassius Klay
Racadi Sea Rex
Zon Mirekl Sorbonna
A'Vigdors Toute-Puissance
Dali De La Parure
Esterelle De La Parure
Elizabet Janoel Multi Ch.
Red blooded Marcus
Elvis-Dario Von Der Akazienallee
Red Blooded Jenifer
Italy Ivanhoe Janoel Ch.
Kolja Z Kolomazne Pece
Pat Suvuren





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