COPYRIGHT From Bulls Heaven

D.O.B 27-12-2012

I am Ginger.

I am a special girl. I was the first borne French Bulldog "From Bulls Heaven"".
You can tell from my name Copyright "From Bulls Heaven".
But yeah.. there will never be a second Ginger because I am great!
My Lady and my mum are so happy with me.

I am awfully sweet. I know exactly what is expected from me and what I have to do to be lovable. I am from a litter of 4 puppies, 3 girls and 1 little guy, my brother Sky who I still see a lot.
Sky lives with our Friends Sabine and Jan but still belongs a little bit to our flock.

My mum Lotje was the first French Bulldog who came to live with us here at "From bulls Heaven". She is also my Ladies' best friend, so my birth was double special.
A girl from her girl!

My dad is from the famous kennel v.d. Mestreechteneerkes and his name is Tey.

Herewith we would like to thank Jack Meertens once again!


Tey vd. Mestreechteneerkes

Multi Ch.
Ben Affleck Du Terroir De Frontfroide
Multi Ch.
Tis vd. Mestreechteneerkes
Servee vd Mestreechteneerkes
Jeske vd. Mestreechteneerkes
Vedette Du Terroir de Fontfroide Nem Dell' Oldoinyo Lengai
Theodora Du Terroir De Frontfroide
Fien vd. Mestreechteneerkes Zacheos de La Parure Unique De La Parure
Ugasti De La Parure
JW '02 W'03
Gonneke vd. Mestreechteneerkes
Kadin's Urkan v. Sans Pareil
Truus vd. Mestreechteneerkes
Kalotte of the Bumble Barns Capitan Hood D'Elba De Lope Multi Ch.
Ushuaia Du Terroir Fontfroide
Multi Ch.
Salvatore Ferragamo
du Terroir Fontfroide
Dolce Vita
Briseis Du Terroir Fontfroide Multi Ch.
Tis v.d.Mestreechteneerkens
Vedette Du Terroir Fontfroide
Isidora van Marver's Fortuna Ch.
Bulldogi Iz Ozerkov Duran-Duran
Multi Ch.
Exquisite De La Parure
Fripon Rus
Fiona van Marver's Fortuna Ch.
Kadin's Urkan van Sans Pareil
Multi Ch.
Bonnie v.d. Mestreechteneerke




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